Tag Manager 360

Manage, maintain, and update your tagging in a single place with Tag Manager 360 to drive more accurate, efficient, and secure tracking programs.

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Streamline your tag management with a simple, reliable solution designed to support enterprise-level measurement.


Support and maintain all tags in a single place, no HTML updates required.

  • Advanced Tag Technology
  • Tag Templates
  • Site Tag Overview
  • Automated Tag Management
  • Auto-event Triggers
  • Zone Website Tagging


  • Gain full control over how and when your tags are defined and fired with Tag Pausing, Tag Blacklist and Tag Sequencing
  • Leverage the easy-to-use web interface and save time by spreading the workload to non-technical users
  • Increase bandwidth by controlling and limiting tagging permissions to specific and defined website zones
  • Definite parameters for tags to fire with certain on-site events without having to rewrite code
  • Natively integrate Tag Manager 360 with all Google Marketing Platform products, Google Cloud Platform, and Salesforce for a single view of your customer

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