Surveys 360

Surveys 360 helps you design and customize one-to-one conversations for individualized brand feedback from your most important audience: current users.

Talk to Sales

Augment objective customer measurement with direct insight into customer opinion on brand experience.


Gain one-to-one insight into your marketing and brand impact by speaking directly to your customers with Surveys 360.

  • Design Custom Surveys
  • Survey Data Visualization
  • Reliable Insights
  • Automated Dashboards
  • Results in 72 hours


  • Customize surveys for personalized messaging and targeting
  • Leverage reliable data from real people for a more informed marketing strategy
  • Organize your survey data in automated dashboards
  • Filter survey participants by with advanced segmentation options to understand the personality behind the participant
  • Natively integrate Surveys 360 with all Google Marketing Platform products, Google Cloud Platform, and Salesforce for a single view of your customer

Ready for better return on your marketing investment?