Display and Video 360

Plan, build, and develop your best programmatic campaigns with end-to-end campaign management in Display & Video 360.

Talk to Sales

Deliver personalized messaging to your most opportune audiences with a seamlessness and fully-integrated media management platform.


Intelligently optimize your customer insight in a single tool for easily managed campaigns and personalized targeting. Drive more efficient media with seamless collaboration across your creative, analytics, media, and digital teams.

  • Media Planning
  • Creative Workspaces
  • Automated Bidding
  • Ad Canvas
  • Reach Forecasting
  • Advanced Audience Management


  • Build a comprehensive media plan informed by predicted reach, frequency, and channel performance data
  • Build your most impactful audience lists based on first-party site, app, and ads performance
  • Drive more intelligent media automation with machine learning-based bidding
  • Visualize dynamic ad creatives and upload custom formats in real-time that tie directly to your media plan
  • Progress customers through the purchase funnel with deliberate creative sequencing
  • Natively integrate Display & Video 360 with all Google Marketing Platform products, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and Salesforce for a single view of your customer

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