Analytics 360

Google Analytics 360 delivers accurate and actionable business insight to help you know your customers better and drive your most profitable marketing decisions.

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Know how customers interact with your website, apps, ads, and offline efforts in a unified view for democratized and transparent insight into how programs are impacting your bottom line.


Leverage the Machine Learning insights of Google Analytics 360 to build a sophisticated and unified measurement dashboard for a complete and actionable view of your customer journey. Google Analytics 360 lets your team analyze marketing data faster for a deeper understanding of your customers and how they engage with your brand

  • Custom Funnels
  • Roll-up Reporting
  • Tag Management Support
  • Advanced Analysis
  • Custom Tables
  • Audience Reporting
  • Unsampled Reports
  • Google BigQuery Export
  • Data Freshness


  • Activate advanced and unified measurement for real-time customer insight across your website and apps
  • Access sophisticated attribution modeling and optimization capabilities
  • Organize and visualize your marketing performance with advanced dashboarding
  • Automatically track and set notifications for performance variations, trends, and opportunities
  • Natively integrate Google Analytics 360 with all Google Marketing Platform products, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, and Salesforce for a single view of your customer

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